Zimbabwe Rapper : Steezy Allah starts he's own clothing Line & online magazine

Hip hop artist Steezy has became the first rapper to start a successful clothing line called Drip Plug he has already establish a online magazine for the clothing line

Steezy Allah has also been hosting Street video Cyphers which have been featured a large number of zimhip hop nominated artists such as Uchiha clan . Steezy Allah as announced that he will be realesing videos soon 

Drip Plug is currently sign artist and models to became Brand ambassadors 

Brand ambassadors are simply people who represent and talk about your company in a positive way, preferably in front of lots of potential customers (i.e. their friends and family). A brand ambassador is someone who embodies the brand he or she is will enjoy profits such as free photo shoots and minimum allowance , will also get free products

Whats are clothing line : is a collection of garments on a theme, or for a particular season. It could be for a limited time, and will change. It is a subsidiary of a parent company.

for info or pics of Drip Plug products click the link below


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