Zach Mac – Don't Go [Official Lyric Video]

Hailing from Florida, Zach Mac is an emerging artist in the music scene, looking to put his name out there and hoping to get a little more exposure and grow a solid fanbase.

Inspired by Sublime, Mac DeMarco, Mac Miller, Pink Floyd, and Bob Dylan, Zach Mac is establishing his artistic lane as his sound crosses the genre divide to create a nostalgic rock sound with a modern vibe that differentiates him from many in the scene.

His latest record is called HtTHCxDREAMz; Which stands for “How the Times Have Changed into Dreams,” because the first 14 songs are overdubbed, fuller versions from his album How the Times Have Changed,” and the last half of it is from my EP “Dreamz.”

Here you can listen to the song called Don’t Go, along with a lyric video which is part of his album, be sure to stay tuned for more updates.

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