Yungg Fattz – I Do Me

Yungg Fattz releases four hot new singles to cap off 2020 

LONG BEACH, CA – Yungg Fattz is an international artist from Long Beach, California whose original new sound is lighting up the world thanks to four new singles currently available across all streaming platforms.  

The consummate performer, Yungg Fattz has made a name for himself both on the West Coast and throughout the Mountain Region as one of the premier entertainers of our day. He’s been doing shows from Denver to Vegas to Los Angeles, and he takes pride in making the crowd rock. But with 2020 putting a damper on all live performances, Yungg Fattz turned his attention to the recording studio. His four new singles are the result of a lot of hard work.  

“If I’m not gonna perform, I’m gonna put out as much new music as I can,” he said. “When I can hit the stage again, I’ll have all new music for people to listen to. And my sound is different than most other rappers out there today. I like to do songs with someone singing the chorus. I don’t want to be just another gangsta rapper from Long Beach. I want to change how California artists are seen.”  

The first of Yungg Fattz’s four singles is “I Do Me” featuring KC producer and artist Boi Blakc. It’s a song that lets the world know they’re listening to a true professional in the music business. Not only is he an entertainer but he’s a tour promoter, as well. He is deeply involved in his own management and marketing and is one of the members of Smoked Out Entertainment. He also hosts a traveling event called Barzfest which has seen him perform in multiple cities all over the U.S. “I Do Me” is a song that highlights all of those endeavors in a friendly and fun way for the listener.  

“By My Side” is a love song that Yungg Fattz recently released. He said it’s something he created specifically for the ladies, though he knows that a lot of guys out there will also love it. First recorded a few years back, the single is one that he revised and re-released this year to much acclaim. The streams he’s seen on that single alone have taken his notoriety to the next level and showcase his adept ability to fuse styles together, such as Hip Hop and Neo-Soul.  

Another single currently available across all streaming platforms is “Stay Dangerous” which Yungg Fattz calls his “Long Beach anthem.” Inspired by Nipsy Hussle’s saying “they don’t say stay safe anymore, they say stay dangerous,” Yungg Fattz takes the idea and creates a fun homage to his hometown in a way that motivates anyone listening to be adventurous and take a leap of faith in whatever opportunities might be before them. 

Finally, Yungg Fattz has released “I’m Yours” which also features Boi Blakc and is another love song, though with a little bit of a different vibe than “By My Side.” Of the four singles that he’s released this year, Yungg Fattz said “I’m Yours” is the one that has the most potential to leap onto the global stage, thanks to its catchy hook and groovy vibe.  

Following the success of these singles, Yungg Fattz said he’s planning to launch yet another single called “Designer”. He also has more music planned to release in 2021 with hopes to eventually be touring and performing live again in the summer. 

To listen to Yungg Fattz’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 

All social media is @yunggfattz

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