Why was Steezy Allah freestyling and crying

Soundcloud rapper Steezy Allah has been well known for hes honest towards  hes feels .Steezys last freestyle video post on instagram was of him rapping and crying it was posted on 1 feb 2019 but two weeks later he explained to hes fans on hes status that he was filled with depression and dieing with ambition who knows hes next move we hope he  doesnt think about losing hes life . Steezy Allah released a song title girl cold hope from our own point of view the song is a metaphor the rapper raps as if he lost a girlfriend but we doubt if he was really rapping about losing a girl since the title of the song  has the two last word  “girl hope” . In girl cold hope we guess he meant that he lost hope 

click the link to see the video of steezy allah freestyling and crying


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