New Nigerian Trap artist “Froggie Rickylee” (Okeke Anthony) was born on the 1st of December 1999 in Festac town Lagos.

He is one of festac’s best artist and is mostly recognized for his debut single “ZOMBIES” Featuring I’ll All, It was a real trap song and it led everyone to knowing who this young trapper was.

He followed up with Street which wasn’t really a hit like zombies but was good enough for the streets, he then appeared on two tracks LOW PACKS WITH L.A AND NO HOOKS WITH PHILIP KEYATE AND L.A.

2017 was over, it was 2018 and Froggie blessed us with (to me his best song) STONED POEM which was simply a brilliant song (you can download the song by simply Googling it). Then like Froggie always does went into hiding for over six months(April to October) with only posts coming from social media. Then all of a sudden  appeared on two new tracks by PHILIP KEYATE One which rumour has it as a Froggies song originally GANG GANG which also featured Dkarizma. 

That is Philip keyate’s best track till date with froggie giving the track one of the best hooks we’ve ever heard. Then December 1st on his birthday he appeared on another Philip keyate banger POP IT! Here froggie appeared on the hook alongside Philip keyate and gave a memorial verse too. Froggie has successfully stolen the show in all of his four features (Lowpacks, no hooks, gang gang & Pop it!)

He also appeared on Insane ghost Let it go as the last piece of 2018. 2019 is here and we’ve gotten Mainland featuring Yung Rae a simple street banger but he’s not done, Froggie Rickylee has promised us lots of new songs this 2019 but personally am waiting for TAKE NOTE (FEATURING DKARIZMA) .Let’s keep our fingers crossed as we wait for new Froggie Rickylee songs. 

With all the achievements above I don’t know why someone will sleep on Froggie Rickylee, he is a part of Bad blood cartel alongside LA an upcoming label. With gang gang and pop it classic hits which changed Philip keyate trap career we are also  awaiting another banger from them as I label them the HUNCHO JACK JACK HUNCHO OF NIGERIA. I personally want a full album of both of them Cause I think there style really blends well together.

Lastly I want to tell you guys not to sleep on Froggie Rickylee he’s here to stay and we’ll help him achieve his dreams. 

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