V – Inferno (Produced By Saint Cardona)

Hailing from the heart of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, V is an upcoming artist and activist on the revolutionary path in the music industry, coming back to the scene with his sophomore single called Inferno, produced by Saint Cardona, following up the success of his debut track.

Dropping subversive stuff, his first release, No Church On Sunday, sets a trailblazing tone with this proper message on election day,  including a music video, it is about to be out pretty soon, and V is supplying the riot to the soundtrack!

Big M, also is known as V, embodies Black America for better or for worse he says, “This ain’t rap, it’s a Revolution!”
Armed with dangerous punchlines and a “bop” from hell, the message of power is clean in Inferno.

Here you can listen to his new slap, be sure to follow up for more on our website, and stay tuned for more.

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