Untitled Art -13, Pt. 1

Releasing the incredible electronic album called “13 Part 1” the alternative duo Untitled Art is compounded by David Sempier and James Linton coming together in a very powerful collaboration, resulting in a modern drum & bass mixing a unique approach with a rock and roll attitude.

David’s previous band already had the opportunity to perform beside bands like Nirvana, as the opening act for My Chemical Romance, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at some recognized venues.

Team up with the producer James Linton of Soundwaves Studio located in Arizona to develop “13 Part 1” album this year the record finally came out after some considerable demos and trials.

The result is unquestionably great you can dig to Untitled Art songs on Spotify follow him on socials, stay tuned for more.

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Written by HollywoodSix

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