The415Fortune – Push N Shove

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, The415Fortune turned to music as an outlet from the challenges faced throughout his upbringing in the streets.

From the 7th grade, his pen game began to take form, having only a four-track Tascam tape machine for recording while making beats on a Korg beat synthesizer.

His songs are authentic street tales that bring fans into the grimy circumstances of the streets with a positive light in a toxic industry.

The415Fortune has accomplished a lot thus far in his career with tracks “Gone Til November” featuring Haystak peaking at #32 on the top 50 INDE Charts, surpassing over 1.4 million views on Tik Tok, and amassing over 160,000 streams.

“Push N Shove” uses this reality to encourage positivity and strength regardless of the circumstances.

Its words inspire growth through hardships and instill a sense of unity that urges audiences to uplift each other rather than break others down.

His new single “Push N Shove” inspires hope and motivates listeners to own their destiny. With the attention on his career, he is planning the perfect time to release his collaboration “We On Fire,” featuring Lil Wayne and Jamillions.

Follow his movement and show support by streaming his music.

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