The Auditor – House Electro

Hailing from Kanpur, India, The Auditor is an upcoming Dj and music producer now based in Bentonville, AR, releasing his debut single called House Electro.

Influenced by his mother, who has a degree in instrumental music, from which he inherited the musical appetite to start creating his beats, which nowadays is reaching some personalities like DJ Chuckie, DJ Coco, etc.

Facing the challenge to have a duple journey to keep his dream alive doing what he likes the most, which is music, having a side job to invest more in professionalizing his musical career, The Auditor is coming to the scene at the right time.

Bringing an uplifting message, inspiring his audience to remain the right energy overcoming the turmoils in life, encouraged by his wife, which has been his biggest supporter in this process, the release of this record is like a dream that is coming true.

The reason why The Auditor is intensely happy and excited to share his first track with you all, be sure to listen to it and stay tuned for more on our website.

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