Terry Blade releases “The Silent Treatment”

Terry Blade is an award-winning singer and songwriter releasing his latest track called The Silent Treatment.

Like much of his songs, this release defies genre, fusing a furious flurry of different styles to create something fresh and distinctly his.

His low-baritone voice is on show here as it smoothly drips of soft lo-fi beats.

It blurs the line between urban pop and R&B with its softly soothing melodies and infectious rap-influenced rhythms.

The track delves deep into this issue as it talks about turning it into a medical treatment to try and cure existing problems in the relationship.

It goes into how less communication between two people can make things worse as Terry emotionally croons over the emotional pain the silent treatment is causing him.

The up and coming artist recently became a part of the indie label Starburst Records.

Terry was taken aback by how it managed to seamlessly blend neo-soul, jazz, r&b, hip hop, lo-fi, and funk.

Here you can listen to it and be sure to follow up for more on our website.

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