Tamy – One Of The Best Current Female Singer in Zimbabwe

   By Jason Millz.

Tamy is Zimbabwean based artist who does a brilliant job of fusing R&B with country style, each track boasting effortless swag and flavour. Her music is club-ready but versatile. Tamy Moyo is not only incredibly hot, but she is almost the perfect girl next door . She is one of the best country singers. Tamy’s sweet sultry voice and high fashion vibes make her the ultimate R&B icon. Her voice is rich and soulful, with stunning depth of emotion, she’s blessed with a full vocal range, and her performances are theatrically expressive. Her hit song “Beautiful” featuring Takura and Dobba Don made huge waves  and is recognised as one of the country’s best song.

Watch Her Videos on Youtube:

Ndyeka – Tamy

Ndibereke- Tamy

Beautiful- Tamy ft Takura & Dobba Don

Images of Tamy:

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