Talia Justina – You Got Me

Talia Justina displays impressive talent on hot new single ‘You Got Me’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – There are a lot of genres in the world of music, and a lot of talented people making music in those genres. Talia Justina is trying to create something new. 

After a decade of exploring new sounds and finding her unique voice, she’s landed on a signature style that certainly makes a case for originality. That talented display of artistry is put on full display with her impressive new single “You Got Me.” 

Currently available across all streaming platforms, “You Got Me” is a song that takes its influence from a variety of genres – Pop, Rock, R&B and more – yet finds itself in a place that’s hard to pinpoint with a specific title. The wavy intro makes way for Talia’s soaring vocals, and when the beat drops listeners are immediately hooked. You can’t help but bounce with the groove and Talia takes you on a ride. The slow jam summer hit feels like an elevated take on Pop legends like Ariana Grande, making it a smash that’s just waiting for the world to catch on. 

“It’s a song that’s about a relationship that’s sustainable and almost relentless in the way that it lasts,” Talia said. “I feel like there’s a lot of bad energy in music today, and I really wanted to express something about how there can be that one person that you just know when you’re with them it can last. There’s not a lot of representation like that in music right now, and I wanted to showcase something different.” 

Talia has been singing her whole life and got a first-hand education in music as she watched her mother – a professional musician – sing at events and on cruise ships for much of her childhood. She made it her goal to pursue music, as well, and her biggest opportunity came at a young age when she was discovered by her manager Jason Charles at only age 10. Charles and his business partner, EIF, have helped develop Talia into one of the fastest-rising young talents in the world. EIF has also worked as the primary producer for her music, and helped craft the masterpiece that is “You Got Me.” Talia considers them to be her family, and together the three of them have created something special with her signature style. 

“I want people to instantly know it’s me they’re listening to,” Talia said. “My voice is distinct. You can’t confuse me with anyone else you’re listening to today. I would only hope and dream to be known as a legacy. More than anything I hope I’m an artist who is known for embracing her individuality. I also want to be known as a voice for the youth – inspiring them to create whatever they set their minds to. That’s all I want to do for the rest of my life – create what I love and encourage others to create what they love, as well.” 

Talia said she and her team are working on putting together an EP this year, with more singles set to release within the next few months. 

To listen to Talia Justina’s music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links: 



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