Shaquille Brilliant New Release "Qaphela"

Shaquille’s brand new single is technically stunning and emotionally realized. It lives in a new, outré, rhythmic trap galaxy that honors but outpaces its peers. “Qaphela” is a new song that goes harder than ever. The dubstep injected hard African trap production style will likely get you all juiced up and ready to rage.This newest track is just as trippy and mystifying as you would expect.This track is just one of many we will see on Shaquille’s forthcoming E.P ” Gone To Far”. Shaquille is a vivacious singer-songwriter with unabashed enthusiasm for catchy lyrics and danceable tunes. “Qaphela” is a huge tune you need to play. The song was produced by the most prominent producer ‘Victor Enlisted’

★Kulture play★




★My not justok★




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