Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Ares Knight knocked over heavily into Hip Hop music after his Father’s death when he was only six years old.

In 2003, The rapper started being raised between Pittsburgh and Eastern North Carolina, connecting him between both regions as well as inspiring his sounds.

Working hard to shine being true to his ideals while laying down potent vibes in the debut Ep “Royale” coming with chill production and plenty of game in the same vein as Curren$y, Payroll Giovanni and Larry June’s smooth lifestyle flows.

Listen as Ares Knight touches on the hustle and visions of going down as one of the greatest to ever do it follow on social and stay tuned for more.

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West$ide Red
West$ide Red
2 years ago

This joint slap all type of crazy ? LA been on it

Midnight Clover – Never Bring Me Down

Musica Monica Feaster – Never Give Up Hope (Radio Version)