RÓGAN & ØMEGA – Different With It

RÓGAN & ØMEGA join forces on “Different with It” a gloomy, ego-boosting, anthem for the low riders with a strong sense of self-worth. This lyrically taunting the record boasts a big chest, with a no, holds barred attitude, allowing the dynamic duo to talk the talk in the 2 minutes 41 seconds they have on the song.

The dismal record, with a creepy composition, consists of a heavy kick pattern bouncing off a distorted bassline, accompanied by an ominous sound melody looming in the background. The gritty trap hats & percussive elements, combined, texturize the track with a groovy swing, nostalgic to Jay-Z’F*CKWithMeYouKnowIGotIt (feat. Rick Ross)”.The short, sweet & relaxed hook, performed by RÓGAN, finesses the vibe of the track in a sinisterly soothing way, whilst the lyrics, simple, solid & catchy, have an intensifying effect, in their atmospheric nature.”We were used to making up concepts and complicated lyrics within our hooks but we just wanted to prove a point.” – RÓGAN.

ØMEGA’s performance is heavily amped up with focused vocals that feel as if an emergency broadcast transmission has invaded your car radio. The vocal production consists of an exciting switch up bathed in an airy reverb and piercing distortion. The lyrical content is beefed up by a dangerous delivery that’s laced together by a dynamic flow. The energy he brings to the table is extremely impressive.

The record came about when RÓGAN discovered the Beat Stars page of a producer, based in Miami, named CXDY, causing him to call up ØMEGA, get in the studio and craft. CXDY’s intricately crafted beats sparked their creativity which leads to the creation of an impressive 30 demos in a short space of time.“Different with It” is the first from the bunch to be released.“We were just in a zone. They say artists get sparks of blue flame. This was that. It just felt prolific. We were doing 6 to 7 records a day and “Different With It” was just how we felt after all this work we were putting in. We knew this wasn’t just a flash in the pan. This was the start of something special.” ØMEGA.

“Different with It” will be released under Waverton Corp LTD, on all digital streaming services

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