Queen Tasha's Exclusive Interview With Queen Leigh

Question 1 [Queen Leigh]:

Can you briefly tell us about yourself and give us a brief description about your career?

 Response 1 [Queen Tasha]:

My name is Knowledge Moyo professionally known as Queen Tasha , a young lady aged 19 . I started my music career as a dancer under WhinQuins Dance Crew, the Best Dance Changamire Award Winners, On the other hand I’m an artist who is set to release her first single titled “RAINBOW” on the 24th of August 2k18. Academically I’m an aspiring journalist & records and staff manager .

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 Question 2 [Queen Leigh]:

How did you start dancing? What inspired you?

 Response 2 [Queen Tasha]:

Well truly speaking I have been an amazing dancer since childhood, so as I grew up I appreciated my talent and got motivation from people ( family , relatives & friends) to pursue dance as a career because they recommended me as a good dancer . However, due to school I did not get time to persue my dance career back then , I started to be a professional dancer last year (2017) when I finally got a chance to establish a dance crew . So basically I can say dance is naturally in me .

 Question 3 [Queen Leigh]:

Where have you performed?Which is your least and most favourite place you performed?Do you have any upcoming shows?

Response 3 [Queen Tasha]:

I have performed at several places ( events & shows) like at the Summer and Winter Carnivals hosted by Joe The OG at BAC seasonally , at the VISTA back then when it used to be horizon, at MADE IN BULAWAYO hiphop concert hosted by Kontol Tribe ( Cal-Vin) annually , @ the Zim Hip Hop Awards, @ G.K Sports Bar ( Hwange) alongside Jah Signal, @ Bulawayo Music Festival alongside POY and @ CHANGAMIRE AWARDS hosted @ Club 1+1 .My Most favourite place among those was G.K Sports Bar where I shared a stage with Jah Signal then my least favourite was @ the Winter Carnival which was hosted at Vista last year . I have an upcoming show at Miss Harare Polytechnic next month.

 Question 4 [Queen Leigh]:

 How best can you rate yourself as a dancer?

 Response 4 [Queen Tasha]:

Well I would say I am a great dancer 100%

 Question 5 [Queen Leigh]:

Besides dancing what else do you do in the entertainment industry

 Response 5 [Queen Tasha]:

 I am a musician ( singer and rapper) & a cover model.

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 Question 6 [Queen Leigh]:

 Who gave you the initial push to join the music industry

 Response 6 [Queen Tasha]:

Our dance crew consists of three female dancers , myself , Blaq Diva Quin and Noereen Moria. As dancers we mix and mingle with a lot of artists ,so we get motivation  dance is connected with music. In order for a person to be a dancer , he / she must understand & connect with music they are dancing to , therefore dance greatly connected me to music and as a crew we are inspired by ladies’ musical crews such as Fifty Harmony , they give us the push to be musicians and dancers .

 Question 7 [Queen Leigh]:

when are you going to release your first song.

 Response 7 [Queen Tasha]:

On the 24th of August 2k18 , thus on Friday.

 Question 8 [Queen Leigh]:

 which music genre or style do you specialize in?

 Response 8 [Queen Tasha]:

As an artist I specialise in Hiphop and RnB , as a dancer I’m new skool versatile

 Question 9 [Queen Leigh]:

Are you signed to any label?

 Response 9 [Queen Tasha]:

Not yet

 Question 10 [Queen Leigh]:

If you could choose to work with some of todays established artists or producers to move your game to the top, whom would you like to collaborate with?

 Response 10 [Queen Tasha]:

 In Zimbabwe I would love to work with Takura or Jah Prayzah , then abroad I would love to work with Migos and Beyonce

 Question 11 [Queen Leigh]:

Who writes your songs? Do you have a main theme or topic for your songs?Do you think these will change over time?

 Response 11 [Queen Tasha]:

I write my songs but as time goes on I might need to work with some writers due to too much pressure.  I always have a theme for my song and this will never change over time as a theme makes it easier for me to communicate with people out there  .

 Question 12  [Queen Leigh]:

What are your immediate music career goals?

 Response 12 [Queen Tasha]:

 I am aiming to shoot an amazing video for my upcoming track before the end of next month & also to drop my second track ft other established artists . then on the dance side I’m aiming to release hot  dance covers soon .

 Question 13  [Queen Leigh]:

 What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

 Response 13 [Queen Tasha]:

 To everyone out there who is willing to pursue music and dance as a career, I advise you to be committed , focused and most of all hard working . You must never give up , when you’re encountering hardships you must always know that dark days will come to pass and brighter  days will take over.

 Question 14  [Queen Leigh]:

Queen Tasha any last words or shout outs

Response 14 [Queen Tasha]:

I would thank you FAM for not interfering during the interview . Shout Out to everyone in this Group Chat , Shout out to my brother @+31 6 87870128 all the way from Europe . Shout out to VIP 263 Empire . Shout to Team Royalty ~ WhinQuins & most of all Shout out to Queen Leigh

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