Q Yung Cee Biography

Q Yung Cee is a Gweru based hip-hop artist also known as Courage Marange. The rapper has been in the music industry since 2017.He managed to establish his former group to his own brand label (Team My Life).The rapper Q Yung Cee is known for good works hence good influence through his music and his lifestyle. ”Music is the key to our souls and hearts, it pushes us hence giving us the meaning of life and it answers some of our deepest fears” said Q

Q Yung Cee is one of the prominent young artists with the same passion to uplift the hip-hop industry in his city, nation and also international level. Q is one of the best and well known hip-hop artist coming from the city of Gweru as he will be penetrating through different cities hence different countries so as to be known internationally.

We are looking for good music from Q Yung Cee and we know his going to do bigger

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