November: Six Artists You Need To Check Out This Month

1. Brucella

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Leave it Brucella to break down your inner barriers and leave you emotionally exposed. Brucella will do just that once her riveting voice hits you with introspective thoughts paired with delicate layers of production and instrumentation. The Zimbabwean American Pop Singer is guaranteed to reel you off with her sultry voice.

2. Tanto Wavie

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Part of a rising generation of great Zimhiphop stars, Tanto Wavie has already dominated with a slew of confident hits including the viral ‘Dang Number”. Tanto is far more than just your average rapper. Concocting his eclectic lyrical magic with a fresh and futuristic approach to Zim hip hop, this rapper has been casting spells over the scene.

3. Slinx

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At 20 years old, Slinx is doing what most young artists dream of their whole lives. With the release of “I Swear,” the trap/ hiphop crossover had everybody wondering who was the voice behind the captivating breakout. The Vip Music Group Signee is poised for a big thing. Slinx has been grinding heavily this year, paving the way for an even bigger 2019.

4. Ashta Eez

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Ashta Eez has a voice that sounds simultaneously girlish and age-worn, with an ability to make lyrics twist and shine in her gem-like pop songs. The singer-songwriter is a musical chameleon, who can churn out hook-filled songs that sounds sultry. Her magical verse on “Hold You Down” will get you down.

5. Mr Wiz

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It seems like Mr Wiz came out of thin air. The R&B singer / rapper and songwriter,  burst on to the scene with “Ndakatadzei” an emotional song you would play all day. Mr Wiz has been working hard for years, but the buzz is finally building around this wildly talented rapper with his unerring ear for rhythm and tremendous flow.

6. Karma

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Karma seems destined for greatness. Whether you realize it or not, you heard plenty of Karma’s voice , she is the secret behind many local hit songs. Her music can be danced to at a house party, or the kind of track you listen to while sitting on your rug contemplating life at 2 am. Watch out for her upcoming album dropping on 31 December 2018.

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