Nonzus Magnus teases upcoming Movie for new single 'SMILE'

Hailing from Dublin 15, Nonzus Magnus(‘Magnus’ stemming from the Greek meaning ‘Great’ or ‘Mighty’). A rising Irish artist at the forefront of the new experimental age of creatives coming out of Dublin. Championing a unique and eclectic sound, combining a multitude of different influences and sounds together, from Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, Afrobeat, Baile funk, Psychadelic rock, blending sounds together, creating a memorable style all of his own.

Nonzus kicked started his career in 2014 after the transition from learning Guitar and piano to music production in releasing his first song “NUKETOWN” Early 2017. Quickly gaining popularity in the underground hip hop scene Nonzus Magnus followed up by performing at various national and international shows and festivals including Longitude. Later he took his love for film and combined it with his musicality to create the ultimate music video’s.

Following the release of his experimental and genre-bending, EP, ‘Black Canvas’ and breakthrough single ‘In Need Her’ in late 2020, Dublin based singer/songwriter and producer Nonzus Magnus strikes back with new pop-rap single ‘Smile’. A contemporary approach to alternative hip hop, narrating a tale about a lover realising his faults in a relationship, the damage it’s caused and wanting to turn back time but realising it may be too late. 

Produced by Khazh producer Jeepsy Jim and Ukrainian producer Wonderson, ‘Smile’ an eventful experience in its own right. The playful and animated nature of the percussion patterns, drive the rhythm of the song. Carefully placed melodies that bring colour and clarity to the piece harmoniously sync with Nonzus’s vocals, creating an intricately smooth and groovy experience with dynamic transitions and quaint ethereal moments. The combination of these elements is present in the infectiously catchy chorus that rides on a bouncing 808 sequence adding an eclectic texture to the performance.

Speaking on the creative process Nonzus shared “This was the first track I’ve had someone else produce in the last year of creating music. The sound we were going for was more on the alt pop and euphoric spectrum. We used a lot of live instruments which I have never used before in my own production which was a breath of fresh air. The track was recorded in late December, to be released in January. Due to an unfortunate passing of a relative, its release was delayed. Rather than going through the motions, I decided to input the energy and emotion into this track”

Listen to SMILE by Nonzus Magnus Here

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