Nicki Tait's Discography

If you haven’t heard of Nick Tait or her music, you’ve seriously been missing out. The 20-year-old blew up after releasing the track “Hamusatimaboona ft Thazanova” which peaked at #2 on power hiphop charts. Her track O.M.G ft Mills Million is a fan favourite song which can set you in the mood to move. Nick Tait is one of the most buzzed about new artists in the music industry right now. Tait’s brilliant performance on Treynon’s track “Bandana” greatly catapulted her career and setted her apart from her peers. Her track “Move” which was produced by BLAQUHBEATS and LEEKAY made huge splashes in game.  Her amazing verse on the SoundCity Femcees Cypher is  worthy to prove why she is worthy to follow. Tait has all the chill vibes you need for one of those lazy days at home, her latest release . After hearing Tait’s vocals on her latest cover song “Walk it” you would definitely start digging into her solo tunes. Keep you eyes peeled for more new music from Nick Tait.

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