Musica Monica Feaster – Never Give Up Hope (Radio Version)

Ms. Feaster well known by her stage name Musica Monica Feaster is a multi-talented producer and artist who has delivered a powerful worldbeat and dance mix of her music, she has written it in support of the high suicide rates worldwide.

Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide and Ms. Feaster has offered her newest composition to promote the fact that there is always hope, she has even started a dance challenge on social media for people to join in their support of spreading this message of hope in a fun uplifting way.

The challenge involves people making a short video dancing to the “Never Give Up Hope” song and posting it on any social media website with the hashtag #nevergiveuphope

The song has a rhythmic beat that has been proven to inspire most anyone to dance or move to.

You can purchase directly from iTunes or Amazon Music or an online store is encouraged for those that are interested in supporting Ms.Feaster in spreading this message of hope to anyone contemplating a meaningless suicide.

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