Mona Patel – Dream Guy

Mona Patel’s heartbreak during lockdown last year inspired her latest single release, Dream Guy, out on 14th February 2021.

Written after she ended a serious relationship, finding herself single once again, frustrated, and questioning what she was doing wrong with her life to end up seemingly at square one.

So as a songwriter does best, she decided to write a pop song about it. 

The song is an honest and raw depiction that describes all the qualities that she wants in her Dream Guy.

As an Independent singer/songwriter, recording artist, and vocal coach from Perth, Western Australia.

She has a background and training in contemporary jazz vocals but is always open to exploring various sounds in her music.

Mona Patel is currently busy recording her debut album, set to release in a few months.

Listen to her fresh track here, and be sure to stay tuned for more updates.

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