Midnight Clover – Never Bring Me Down

Releasing their brand new EP, titled “Never Bring Me Down”, the Las Vegas-based band from Nevada to be more specific, is following up their full-length album that came out in 2017.

Led by the mesmerizing vocalist Amber CorbyMidnight Clover is a blend of a potent alternative rock merging an indie sound reminding the shoegaze of the 90s era recalling the lush textures with the back-to-basics production that result in the aesthetics of grunge.

The mix of their influences into the band original perspective, maintaining a direct and no-frills attitude that will make you a fan immediately, driven by the rock and roll with a high-octane approach to their music with a highly recognizable sound.After the release of the single Sin City” recently they dropped a new music video for the track “Clover” that belongs to “Never Bring Me Down” EP striking with intensity and honest lyricism the record is the juice, qualities that look pretty well with the rest of the band formed by Jimmie Bohn behind the drum kit, Johnie Stomp on guitar and Roman on bass.

You can check the Midnight Clover tracks above on Spotify, follow them on socials and stay tuned for more.

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