Lyfe Happenz – God Still

Lyfe Happenz offers timely single for a weary world 

HOUSTON, TX – An inspirational street Gospel song from Houston artist Lyfe Happenz is offering the world a timely message of hope and motivation. “God Still (Working on Me)” is a feel good fusion of sounds and vibes that underlies a lyrical message that Lyfe Happenz hopes will uplift millions of people worldwide during one of the more difficult times in Earth’s history. Featuring fellow artists Greg3G and Eddie, “God Still” has a beat with an almost cinematic feel, emphasizing influences from Gospel, Hip Hop, Blues, R&B and Soul. 

“The idea behind the song is that I’m not always perfect, but God is still working on me,” Lyfe Happenz said. “The sound has a lot of elements in there. There’s Gospel. There’s rapping. There’s a choir like in the old church days. It’s very original and different – like nothing else out there. And the end result is just true reality which is basically how it is when life happens. A friend told me that this song gives us an excuse and a hope whenever we make mistakes. Sometimes you just can’t get it right and you’re fighting demons constantly and facing that spiritual battle to reinvent yourself. Trying to change is hard, and trying to do good in the world when no one is perfect is a challenge. But God is always working.” 

The smooth Jazz vibe of the song offers a great bedrock for the high-pitched vocals from Greg3G, while Lyfe Happenz’s deep baritone offers the perfect counterpoint. The song has a certain kind of swag to it with a kind of syncopated rhythm that feels equal parts familiar and yet genre-less. And at the end of the day, it’s the perfect example of the kind of genre-bending sound and style that this veteran of the music industry has become known for over the years.  

At 35 years of age, Lyfe Happenz has seen his fair share of ups and downs in music. He’s been a writer, composer and beat maker since his teenage years and got his first big break when he was younger when he was part of a group that got pretty big in the Southwest part of the U.S. His journey through music mirrors his travels around the country – from Texas to Atlanta to the Bay Area of California, and more. Though his sound and style have evolved in the years since, he has always been known as a smooth artist with a street edge who isn’t afraid to mash together multiple genres that might not, at first glance, feel like they should be put together.  

“Back in Houston, I’m one of the artists that most people would recognize as soon as they heard the beat to one of my songs,” he said. “I’ve been in music for a while and just kept with it, getting better and better with process after process. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve reinvented myself. More often than not I’ve been behind the scenes because I’ve always had an ability to write and compose and make productions for other artists. But this song is more of me at the foreground. I wanted to let people see who the guy is behind all this music. Life is what we go through, and I’m creating music that’s reality. This is life and it’s not simple, and it’s all about what you get out of it. All of my songs are relatable in that way because we’re all going through similar things at the end of the day. And the best thing to say is that when life happens, let life happen – the good, the bad, and whatever else comes with it.” 

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