Lamar MakeitWet – Sky Pillows

West Coast artist Lamar MakeItWet drips with talent on forthcoming new EP ‘Cloud Chasers’ 

SAN JOSE, CA – Reinvigorated Soul laced with bouncy 808s and Lo-Fi melodies comes together in perfect harmony for a hot new West Coast sound from San Jose artist Lamar MakeItWet. Like his name implies, his beats are dripping wet and his sound is so one-of-a-kind that it’s making people all over the U.S. sit up and pay attention. As he cooks up a unique flow mixed with clever wordplay that is deeply rooted in Bay Area culture, Lamar is creatively creating a progressive new sound for the industry that is desperately needed in today’s often stale world.  

‘’My sound is soulful but up to date,” he said. “It’s not Trap Soul, but Lo-Fi. What makes me stand out is the unique melodies and wordplay I use, and it’s all mixed with production that has been influenced by my travels from all over the world. I have smooth R&B that’s Soul-driven mixed with modern 808s and Trap, and no one else is making music like that.” 

That unique sound is put on full display on Lamar’s newest EP, a seven-song project called “Cloud Chasers.” The double-entendre title nods to both people who, like Lamar, dream of something bigger for their lives and who, also like Lamar, enjoy high quality marijuana. He calls the EP the perfect kind of music for linking up with the ladies and just vibing while smoking and having “high conversations and higher thoughts.” 

“But it’s also about how everybody is trying to be famous and chase that 15 minutes of fame,” he said. “It’s bouncy and chill and laid-back and features other Bay-area independent artists who also make smooth music.” 

Two other artists from the Bay area are specifically featured on the project – FunnyGuy Shaw and Squad Tree. Lamar said their unique sound blends perfectly with his signature style to create something that’s truly original. And more than anything, that’s what he hopes to become known for in the music industry: an artist who sparks a new sound in Hip Hop and Soul.  

“I want to be the bridge to a new sound that varies from what’s going on everywhere else,” he said. “I want people to remember my name as a person who introduced this wet sound to music.”  

The first single from the project is already starting to put him on the map in a big way. “Sky Pillows” is a single about smoking the highest quality marijuana, the kind of Kush that will put people on a cloud – or a “Sky Pillow.”  

“Cloud Chasers” is set to be released across all streaming platforms later this fall. The debut single “Sky Pillows” will drop on Aug. 7.
To listen to Lamar MakeItWet’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:,

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