Karma's Exclusive Online Interview With Jason Millz

# 1. Can you tell us who is “Karma” ?

Karma is a female R&B-Pop Singer and Songwriter.

I am a model under VIP263 Media as well and under Madiba Media S.A for movie castings.

#2.What drew you to the music industry?

I heard Shania Twain- Still the one and Celine Dion – Power of love….Instantly knew I’d follow in their footsteps

3. Where did the name “Karma”come from? What is your real name?

And just the idea of capturing a lifetime in a moment was to live for.

4. Where have you performed? Which was your least favourite and most favourite venue?

I also usually perfom at VIP private parties.

I have perfomed at BMW pimped car shows….I regularly perfom in VIP clubs like Europa in Sunnyside Pretoria,Moloko in Hartfield Pretoria.

#5. Do you collaborate with others?

Definitely though i choose carefully. I am on Nox’s new album as Krysma on Nakupenda.Beautiful song.i enjoyed writing and recording  my verse.

#6. How would you describe your own style?

Charismatic Pop

 ,But under a real genre…i’d say Pop (I fuse Rock,Hip-hop,Dancehall,Techno and Trapsoul

#7. In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

My music is confident now.It represents all I am within.

I am an emotional paperpag and it translates now…Also I grow with each new trend but remain consistent at my core.

#8. Which artists have you worked with both local and international ?r

gTBeats a.k.a Titus Gambiza. We have an upcoming shona trapsoul jam called My Babe.
Maskiri – Hona and another older track named Vhaya also with Ba Jnr based in U.K
Roki (Upcoming Gospel album in many African languages)
Nox Guni – Nakupenda
I am like a younger Tiwa Savage in the Nigerian artist community lol. I have surprise big features dropping on 30December on my YouTube and all social media.

#.9 Do you have a record label? Are you under any music group, if so rate your group comparing with other groups

I am not signed to a record label but i recently joined VIP263 Music.We work together on Advertising and Marketing. My team is amazing,we have accomplished so much in the past few months. I have a bigger ear listening now lol.

I am happy to rate my group a perfect 10… No Contest.Did mega research. VIP263.The name says it. They are perfect for a launching artist.

Jason Millz makes sure i don’t sleep jus so i can give him material to publish. Like…he is a working machine and i adore him. He is like that guy from the fame movies who makes sure an artist blows up.

#10. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in the industry?Did you overcome it? if so how?

Being female ,upcoming and refusing to sleep my way to the top has been my biggest challenge.

Help me expose scary abusive men like Lutan King a Zimbabwean Dancehall Artist who I have witnessed and collectively stopped more than four times abusing women in studio.

Also it doesn’t even make sense why someone so mildly gifted can tell me “get out of studio,women should be cooking’

Lutan King brags about hitting and abusing his wife simply because “she bleeds-women are disgusting.I will fuck you up for not recognising me when i walked into the studio” he threatened me openly and reached to slap me but gTBeats came to my rescue and kicked him out.

#11. What is your ultimate direction?Are you seeking fame, fortune or what?

“I wanna break bread and stay rich. I want it all…From dust to the stars.” ??i just quote my own song dropping on 30December too.Look out for Karma – No fame.I answer this question fully.

I also pray and wish to start a foundation named Sacred Sanctuary and choose carefully to help lives that will change more lives.

…And just on record…i want the International Pop Crown. No queening stuff,just multi Awards. Best new comer, Best Pop Song. Album of the year, Best Collabo, Lifetime Achievement Award.

I want it all.

#12. Tell us about your relationship status?

Single A.F

I’m married to music. I might be on the lookout for Hubby 2.A rapper maybe.A Boss maybe, A freespirit but not too much that his brains fall out.A gentleman and an Alpha with best reason.

#13. If we give you a gun to shoot a music personality , who would you shoot and why.

noone really,I am too cute for prison ??

#14. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In a Jaguar XF cruising in the fast lane complaining about how my glasshouse jus needs to be polished slave style.????

#15. How do people get hold of you , do you ‘ve websites for your songs?Do you have CDs with your songs?

I am…

Karen Matore- Facebook

@Karenmatore263 – Insta

Karma Official – Youtube

Karen_matore   -Twitter

Karmaonline263@ gmail.com
My music is officially available on every platform from 30December.

#16. What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Pray! Pray! Pray!

Trust your gut,Don’t be scared of the unknown,collect and store inspiration and have  patience.

#17. Share your last words and shoutouts

Firstly…Shout out to VIP263 Media for acknowledging me as a VIP Brand.

Shout to my Day1 gTBeats who discovered and shaped my career direction after i discovered myself to be an artist.

Shout out to my 3 sisters, Belinda who is the anchor on my right arm,Sharon who outsings  Mariah Carey whilst having a salad, Passionate who  can never accept failure from me.

Shutout to Jason Millz VIP263 for being the life of my party.

Shout out to my Fanbase and friends for both supporting me and believing in me just like that.

Shout out to all those who created a bridge for me whenever I hit a wall like Sly G and Romando 24Nation.

Shout not to all the negative fake friends for doubting me…questioning myself only made me more sure i was born a star.  I lost and found myself before the public eye. i am here now.Faithful and aware the stars will realign for you when you have faith.

God is the key.

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