Its Fucci- Grindtime Exclusive Interview With Queen Leigh


   Can you give us a brief description about “Fucci”?

 RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

    Its Fucci is a hip hop artist, fashion designer, Ceo and founder of the GrindCity GrindTime brand a popular local clothing line and a music group with other artists. I’m based in Harare ,born on the 27th of December. I’m also a Best Performance Act Award winner , 3 times award nominee.


   How long have you been an artist for?What genres do you merge in?

 RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   I have been an artist since I was like 7 years old , I had hip hop style and would always listen to hip hop music but it’s only 2015 when I decided to take music seriously so ive been in the game for like 3 years now. Hip Hop that’s my genre ever since I was a youngster


    What inspired you to make music ?

RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

    Listening to Hip Hop and watching Hip Hop videos inspired me to do music..I would come up with punchlines, i would  rap for my friends and then later i decided to jump into the studio and recorded some songs. That’s how i started to make music.


   Please tell us names of other artists you have worked with both locally and internationally

 RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   I have worked with Shuver ,Dozae  I’ve worked with the best female award winner Kikky Badass ,I’ve worked with Marcus Mafia ,Jnr Brown and regionally i have worked with a rapper from Pretoria called McGenzi


   Do you have a record label? Are you under any music organisation?

 RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   Yes I have a record label ,GrindCity GrindTime Music Group  we have talented and dope artists in the label the likes of Shuver, Junior ,Queen Slinx ,Nebzy ,Pixy Pepper,Mc Saint ,Scotty Montigo ,Angel Fergie and we have our own producer Dj KayzMadeIt who produced 21 solid tracks for our Young and Hungry mixtape.


   How best can you rate your group compared to other groups?

 RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   Its the best!!


   Where have you performed?What is you least favourite n most favourite venue?Do you have any upcoming shows?

RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   I’ve performed at Glowbar in Mutare ,Dolphins in Chinhoyi,Liquids in Masvingo, The Bridge in Beitbridge, Umaa in Marondera and many other places in Harare.Out of the country I’ve performed in Randburg and Sandton. My best performace was  at Hydrolounge , people pulled out their phones to record videos and others snapped some pictures the time we jumped on the stage. Yes I’ve upcoming shows, all updates are on my instagram @itsfucci  and also thats where you can book me for shows


   Which songs do you perform most frequently?Do you play covers?Do you have a set playlist?

 RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   I usually perform Same Shoes ,Patara and Paul Matavire. These songs always work and usually would leave the crowd jumping


   Who writes your songs? Do you have a main theme or topic for your songs?Do you think these will change over time?

 RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   I dont have a ghostwritter, i write music on my own. Usually I rap about the grind, motivating people to work hard and sometimes about flexing just feeling myself on the track and sometimes I get a concept for a track and write lyrics relating to the concept.


   Can you briefly describe your music making process?

 RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   I start everything from scratch by coming up with a concept for a track ,I start with the chorus because that’s the main part of the song and then I go to the studio to link up with Dj KayzMadeIt or Tanic OnDa Track , those are my two producers they make beats for me from scratch , I get to Flex the chorus while they put the instruments for the instrumental , this has an advantage because the beat will be singing along to my chorus.Once we get the beat on point we record the chorus and work on the verses that’s how I make my music


   What has been your biggest challenge as an artist?Did you overcome it?if so, how?

RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   People just diss what i will be doing , some just hate for no quality reason and others will be just saying bad things about our music and the clothing line. And I was able to overcome this challenge when I made that “Muku Hater”  which made me blew up in the music industry and now I don’t care about the negativity I thank all my fans and people who are supporting GrindTime


   What is your ultimate direction? Are seeking fortune,fame or what?

 RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   I’m trying to put Zimbabwe on the map with Hip Hop music, that’s why i usually mix Shona and English in my lyrics, so that people can relate. Between fame and fortune im seeking both i need the fame i need the money


   What advice do you have for upcoming artists?

 RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   Work hard jump in the studio make music,go out perform link up with the right people in the industry for connects and links


   How can fans/fans to be gain access to your music? How can people get hold of you and book you for shows?Do you have a website with songs or demo cds?

RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

  My Music is available on audiomack @itsfucci and my YouTube channel..The Young and Hungry Mixtape is available on audiomack and also cd copies. Dj KayzMadeIt +263738708715 for bookings


Any last words, shoutouts and the like?

 RESPONSE [ It’s Fucci ]

   GrindCity GrindTime has a lot coming from music to new designs concerning the clothing so watch the space

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Its Fucci ft Shuver – Patara

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