Hundred Round Kado links up with Vic Mensa to share NINO'S LIPS

Meet the Hundred Round Kado the Boston, Massachusetts based artist creating some of the most compelling and captivating music through his vivid lyricism and storytelling rhymes. Talking about his life experiences in a relatable manner to show us how universal life experiences are. Blending an aggressive undertone combined with melodic sound to manifest a thrilling listening experience. Driven by past experiences with his daughter and his Haitian roots he has the ability to crossover showcasing his versatility through rapping bilingually.

His latest single ‘Nino’s Lips’ featuring Vic Mensa is riddled with flashbacks to gangland survivalist, poetic realism and the untold tales of modern America. Kado’s raw lyricism depicts what it’s like to be a proud black man living in the system that is set up to make you fail and trying to make it regardless of prejudice. “I’m black and I’ve got Nino’s lips”. The production rides with his thought-provoking bars giving us the ultimate 3 min 43-second conscious rap.

                                                Connect with Hundred Round Kado on socials via:Facebook: @HundredRoundKado @HundredRoundKado @100RoundKado @The100RoundKadoSoundcloud: Website:

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