HQDR – Fire with Fire

HQDR is an alternative rock band based in San Francisco, California.

The group focuses on creating a hard-hitting and diverse echo, inspired by numerous influences, ranging from alt-folk to indie rock and pretty much everything in between.

The band’s most recent studio release is a song titled “Fire With Fire.”
The track is immediately outstanding due to its organic, slightly lo-fi approach to production.

The record arrangement of the song, like less is more, features crunchy, enormous, and open guitar parts, along with vocals that feel personal and intimate, giving the song an intense yet down-to-earth vibe.

HQDR’s music comes highly recommended to fans of artists such as Heroes, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dead Rituals, Cloud Nothings, or Guided By Voices, only to mention but a few.

Find out more about HQDR, and listen to Fire With Fire, which is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming platforms.

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