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Next Big Thing A Superb Spotify Playlist


You have heard that Spotify playlists are pretty valuable marketing and promotional tools for labels and majors in the music industry, here is your chance to be featured on this great one.

This website musicxray.com as known the 21st century A&R accredited business on the Better Business Bureau for more than 5 years, is partnering up with 1111CR3W offering major opportunities. 

Is it Belgium team favored to win this World Cup edition?


Belgium is for sure one of the best team until now on FIFA World Cup Russia™.

After a neutral analysis of all world cup games until now,  our specialists can tell you the highlights of this tournament so far.

Is it Belgium team favored to win this World Cup edition? Romelu Lukaku equals Maradona achievement - "the stats" is also putting him level with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Portugal made a good performance and they will probably move forward for the next phase, however, only a few teams had a superb performance like Belgium and Russia

Brazil had a lot of opportunities to score in the last match but missed too much something better than the first match against Switzerland, let's stay tuned folks...  

Free Music Download by 3000 Records

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Russia Won 2 Games And Is Already Classified For The Next WC Phase


Different from what everybody expected Russia started 2018 World Cup winning scoring 5 times against Saudi Arabia, today they won one more game and they are already classified for the finals.

Honesty Russia has a zero soccer history, they also have a Brazilian playing in their team what sounds totally weird when we are talking about a worldwide competition where nations play against other nations.

Halsey – Strangers ft. Lauren Jauregui


Today Halsey dropped a new music video from the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom era featuring Lauren Jauregui "Strangers" there is a previous live performance video from Vevo for this track.

She tweeted, saying this video is a metaphor for a toxic relationship when you fight someone you love, you can win the battle but lose the loved one.

"Luna and Rosa are a couple. Who are forced to fight and it breaks Luna’s heart to have to fight the person she loves. Much like it feels being a toxic relationship."

Vanlalchhanhima Ralte feat. NoahSoundz – Need Is Need (Official Music Video)


Vanlalchhanhima Ralte is an Artist (Singer/Songwriter) beside his career as a Doctor and entrepreneur based in Aizawl, Mizoram, India.

He released the digital album "KOINONIA" on December 25th of 2017, Ralte was born and brought up by a Christian family, believing in Jesus Christ, the Son of the most Highest God Thy Heavenly Father. 

For more information about Ralte's life and career check his website.

Bella Thorne – GOAT (Music Video)


Bella Thorne dropped yesterday, this dope video for her new track "GOAT" last month she released the music video for "BITCH I'M BELLA THORNE" if you check the video is obvious she is doing a TayTay parody at the end.

Not just that but beyond this hipster look there is more than meets the eye but we will let you find out for yourself, we are really enjoying this Bella Thorne hip-hop era pretty different stuff from that music video for "Call It Whatever"


Madison Beer – Home With You (Official Video)


Madison Beer finally dropped a new music video today from her debut EP As She Pleases"Home With You" seems to be exactly the opposite of its meaning, through analysis of our specialists Beer is mad...

You can confirm that with her last video "Say It To My Face" whatever that means let's see what is next.

#ForaTemer By Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj seems to be pretty excited to perform in Brazil, however, the country is facing serious political issues with a corrupt government that is supporting a communist dictatorship putting in check the democracy.

To support her Brazilians fans Nicki tweeted Fora Temer requesting the impeachment of the actual president Michel Temer.

Recently she released a couple of songs such as "Rich Sex", Barbie Tingz and many others like a featuring with Ariana Grande.

Lauren Jauregui Debuts Her Solo Performance In São Paulo


Yesterday Lauren Jauregui debuted her solo Performance at São Paulo opening for Halsey HFK Latin America concert releasing 3 new tracks.

There's a lot of history here since Camila Cabello started releasing her solo tracks, until the end of the activities of the Fifth Harmony, however, this one was a big and important step for Lauren Jauregui's career.