At long last we have a release date! We knew it has been coming but we just fucking needed a release date, well wait no more because its here (MARCH 29th). The song has been teased and snippets have been surfacing since January but a date was never sure but at last we have so lets all start the countdown.

According to Philip keyate he said “Good things take time” and that he didnt think we were ready for the song at that time but now feels he has given his fans enough time to soak in and readily accept the song, but there is one problem when you hype a song too much and its the talk of the town and then it drops and you dont reach “over the roof expectations” people will say its bad even if its not that bad.

Mostly people that gon judge the song really hard are those that have been really following up on it and if it doesnt meet expectations then the bar drops. But Im very sure it will live up to expectations, with a dope beat , an infectious chorus from both Oxai and philip keyate, and sterling production, we easily gon have a hit.

Noteable lyrics from snippets released so far:

Pop your bitchy pop your nigga pop the patek on

im your nigga fuck your bitchy she cant handle uh

she be watching you like me and bitchy tell me uh

pop it nigga two trapping you cannot match it uh

The last track philip keyate released was pop it! featuring Froggie Rickylee and the last track Oxai released was Birds.


Let’s stay tuned till 29th its gonna be a blast!!!

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