Xept was up for an interview and was asked how he got his name. Check out his reply & response. This 22 years old who raps with the moniker; Xept, have been on the trap scene for some years. He started production 2016, ever since Xept has been very hardworking, always dropping hit songs for his fans. According to the trapstar; Xept, Trap is what i do best. I Trap for a living. When he was asked how he got his name, he said ”I got it from my birth month; September. It came all the way when i had the libra vision of being the reason for the season. Had to figure it out cos am special. Xept was gotten from September, but, instead i used an X and cut it short to Xept, short for Xeptember” he also added- ”Having an X in your name doesn’t mean yous a bad person. X simply means X, But, X is bad in most cases. X is a rare alphabet, but a bad one, so yeah, am an X with a good heart, that’s what makes me rare”

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