Cameron Nino – I Can't Breathe

Progressive artist Nino fuses multiple genres and sounds to create musical experiences on new EP ‘Out’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Avant garde is not a term one should throw about lightly when describing a new artist, but it’s a term that fits perfectly for West Coast musician Cameron Nino. His signature sound is new and unusual and experimental in the best of ways, fusing sounds like electric guitar and cello with harmonic vocals and elements of Hip Hop. It’s a style that is equal parts original and intriguing, and it begs to be given more attention on a global scale. 

That takeoff to global stardom is set to begin with his latest EP “Out.” Featuring six different songs that explore a variety of different feelings and moods, this project is one that is already turning heads within the music industry and gaining this young artist an ever-widening fanbase. The concept, he said, is to put all of his different musical experiences into a single project in an artistic and attractive way. 

“I felt a lot of the times when I was making music I was put in a certain box – I’m a guitarist or a rapper or a singer,” Nino said. “I felt sometimes I wanted to fit into that box, but overall with this project, I wanted to just say that I can’t be put in a certain box. I create musical experiences that are driven by feelings, thoughts and concepts. I listen to all genres of music – Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, World, Classical, Jazz, Blues … I find that most of my music is driven by my experiences, not genres. I use elements of different genres to realize that experience. When I create a song, I might create a feeling that I want to share about a certain thing – like social justice. My music is a vehicle for sharing and encouraging principles that expand the human experience. In that regard, I hope people see me as a music visionary.” 

One great example of this approach is his recent single, “I Can’t Breathe” which features fellow West Coast artist Trinity Rose. Nino’s skill with the electric guitar takes center stage right out of the gate. The vibe of the song is brought to the listener’s attention almost immediately with Nino’s screaming of the lyrics “I Can’t Breathe!” shortly after some traditional Hip Hop 808s make way for Cameron’s rhythmic flow. That soon makes way for some harmonies with Trinity Rose on the hook, before she too, lets out some impressive flow. And all throughout the song is the walking line of a cello in the background which creates an ominous vibe that elicits the perfect feeling for the song.  

“The message is about social justice and the abuse of power by law enforcement,” Nino said. “They need to know they’re not above the law. Police and institutions are outdated and don’t serve all the citizens in America … at all. When an institution no longer serves the citizens, it needs to be abolished and replaced. The song is thought provoking and I felt it needed a second voice to deliver the message. And we definitely fused a lot of genres together to give it a lot of different elements.” 

That single has been gaining Nino some attention since its release earlier this year, and now with the launch of his EP, that notoriety is set to jump to even greater lengths. He said he’s especially excited for fans to hear different sides of his sound and to have fun with the music. He points to the debut single from the EP, “Tropical,” as a great example of how he not only creates thought-provoking songs but also music that’s fun just for the sake of being fun. 

“Tropical” features a Reggae and Pop fusion that definitely elicits an Island vibe. It has a bouncy, wavy sway that makes the listener bop his or her head, or lean back and smile while relaxing with the sway. The slow-moving rhythm is the perfect chill vibe to go along with lyrics like “Wishing that this day would never end. These are the days we pray for.” 

“I was looking outside my window while I was making this song and just thinking about how lonely everything seemed right now,” Nino said. “I was listening to some Reggae songs and it was making me think about good times. That was the feeling I wanted to convey in the song. I tried to make a feel-good, vibey type of song that literally just makes you feel good – like you’re at the beach vibing and relaxing and chilling.” 

“Tropical” and the other songs from the EP “Out” are currently available across all streaming platforms. Nino said he’s also working on a new song that he plans to release later this fall or early winter – one that he promises will be “intergalactic.” 

 To listen to Nino’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 

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