C.LACY – Proved Ur Point

C.LACY relates to international audience through storytelling approach on new single ‘Proved Ur Point’ 

DALLAS, TX – C.LACY is a singer/songwriter who has always been gifted in expressing himself through music. His raspy yet soft-toned voice has been captivating audiences for years, and his latest single “Proved Ur Point” is yet another hit that fans all over the world are about to enjoy. With a laid-back vibe that fuses R&B and Trap, “Proved Ur Point” is a soulful track that tackles a subject matter which most people in the world will be able to connect with. 

“It’s about a relationship that a guy messed up,” C.LACY said. “His attention was elsewhere and he was always chasing women. He realizes the error in his ways and decides to fly straight, but his girl won’t let the past go and always keeps his feet to the fire. So basically, he’s saying that she’s proved her point and it’s either time to move forward with the relationship or to end it.” 

C.LACY has a distinct sound and style that’s more passionate than anything else. Listeners will hear that in his voice and through his storytelling. They’ll be entranced by his sound and want to hear more. With influences from legends such as Jagged Edge, Tank, Eric Bellinger and Usher, C.LACY has worked hard to hone his sound into something that’s equal parts original and familiar. 

“I want my music to be real and relatable,” he said. “In fact, when people hear my music, they’ll hear real life scenarios – things that I’ve been through or people I know who have been through those experiences. I want my music to be something in which people can feel engaged and connected, and that’s why I create stories that are relatable.” 

C.LACY said he first got into music around age 13 when he wrote his first song and started performing in talent shows. As the years progressed, he grew in skill and was able to collaborate with some notorious professionals in the industry from many different regions of the world. Now with his new single, he’s ready to show off all those influences and the hard work he’s put in over the years to develop his unique sound.  

In 2021, C.LACY said he plans on releasing an EP and that he has a music video in development for “Proved Ur Point” which should drop in late January.  


To listen to C.LACY’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 






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