Blaque Rose's Exclusive Interview With Queen Leigh

Question 1 [Queen Leigh]: 

Can you tell us who is “Blaque Rose”?

 Response 1 [Blaque Rose]:

 BlaqueRose is an 18 year old GODDESS,born and bred in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho on the 1st of July 2000 at Scott’s Hospital.Im a real definition of the 21st Century Girl.A representative of the Young2k Generation.I Believe I’m the New Age Sarafina.A fighter at heart.A winner.BlaqueRose is KING of 2000s.Shes just a girl,trying to make  her dreams come to true to inspire those whi believe it’s impossible.

 Question 2 [Queen Leigh]: 

Can you tell us how the music thing started.

 Response 2 [Blaque Rose]: 

I was born with the music.My mom did BoomShaka Musicals in highschool And Talent shows.My grandmother is a Catholic  and every single evening,She would host a family prayer session We would all Sing and join in.At age 5,i was  hospitalised and spent almost a year in hospital.There was a prayer group that would come pray for patients and they would host Gospel sessions.They would encourage me to join in and sing until i knew and understood the lyrics.I related to the songs and fell in love with how one could portray emotions and a message through just one song!.At school,i joined a Talent club and everyday at assembly i presented my poems and new songs in front of the whole school.I started writing my own lyrics at age 8 when i was in boarding school in the Vaal ajd ever since i have been singing.I perfomed at a church Conference once,Solo,without the choir and I was Magnified by the crowd’s response.Everyone was cheering and so happy telling me i had a beautiful voice.I knew then i wanted to Be a perfomer and entertainer.I also loved watching Rihanna Nad Brenda fassie perfom And i just fell in love with the conversations music could portray.I live,i breath music!

 Question 3 [Queen Leigh]:

 Where did the name “Blaque Rose”come from? What is your real name?

 Response 3 [Blaque Rose]: 

I came up with The Name”BlaqueRose”.My real Name is Karabo Rose-Mary Monyakane.The”Rose” Came from my real name.”Blaque”Is a colour that i love.I grew up being told Black is beautiful and I have always been in love with the fact that i am a black girl.For me Black is Royalty.Black is authentic.Im African and my Being Black is all i take pride in.I Love Black Roses because they are rare and very expensive to purchase,and i value my Talent and rareness as Black Roses.It is rare that you find an Artist that Composes Music of different unrelating genres at the same time.I am rare hence the Name,BlaqueRose!Id love to believe that is how high i set my Bar and value.Im a Rose amongst Thorns.

 Question 4 [Queen Leigh]:

 Who gave you the initial push to become an artist ?

 Response 4 [Blaque Rose]:

 No one!I fell in love with music on my own,and like any other BEE or Average Black Child,I grew up in a system where we have to go to school,go to university,Graduate and wait for someone to hire you or either hire someone.Music is seen a risk hard to achieve as a career.But,even Regardless of that,I look at all the stars who were able to make it from A to Z and i believe that i will one day be amongst them.And that i will be able to inspire other hopeless souls that Dreams do come true.I am grateful though,to have parents who did not Critisize me or ban me from pursuing my dream They are very supportive and even  gave me Money to record my first song. 

Question 5 [Queen Leigh]: 

Where have you performed? Which was yourleast favourite and most favourite venue?

Response 5 [Blaque Rose]: 

I’m a freshman in the industry.I have never perfomed any of my songs anywhere before since i was focused on School.I have just recorded my first 4 hit tracks and working on 3 mixtapes,House;HipHop and RNB/Dancehall for 7 major record labels.I will be perfoming and MC though,at the 2nd annual Jump Offs with Boity Thulo on the 15th of December 2018.Then I’ll be off to Zeerust on the 29th of December For the #CatchThePlug Launch.Tickets are  available at CompuTickets. 

Question 6 [Queen Leigh]:

 Do you have a record label? Are you under any music group, if so rate your groupcomparing with other groups.

 Response 6 [Blaque Rose]: 

I am not signed to any record Label,I ride Solo and do everything myself.It would be a privilege though to get signed by a great Record label like the likes of Universal Records.I like how they treat their clients and artists and the support they provide.I will be submitting my Demo very soon so I ask everyone to hold Thumbs for me in hopes of getting signed.

 Question 7 [Queen Leigh]: 

Which artists have you worked with both local and international

 Response 7 [Blaque Rose]: 

I have worked with Nic Jay Halom so far Locally and it has been an amazing Journey.But i aspire to also work with the likes of WizKid,Young Thug,PatoRanking,Saudi,Yung Swiss,Sjava,,Dj Snake and Dj Maphorisa. 

Question 8 [Queen Leigh]: 

Can you rate yourself with other female artists. Which female artist (s) do you look up to both local and international? And why? 

Response 8 [Blaque Rose]:

 I don’t rate myself with other female artists.Matter of fact,it hurts me and i hate how the music industry has Genderlised and categorised  Musicians in terms of comparison such as naming Musicians as”Female Rappers,Female Artists”instead of just letting the music speak without having to weaken the other gender.But I don’t see any Competition.I believe everyone is good in their own capacity,but anyone who does come at me for beef,Ill just serve the whole cow to them!I look up to the likes of The Late Brenda Fassie;Whitney Houston,MC lyte,Rihanna,Nicki Minaj and Beyonce.Those women have been the most consistent legends of our Past generation and In my 21st Century.They are the It ICONS and they inspire me to know that,in due time,I’ll make it to that status.

 Question 9 [Queen Leigh]:

 If you had a time machine what year would you turn back to and why?

 Response 9 [Blaque Rose]: 

If i had a time machine,I’d buy petrol,Burn it,to avoid any temptations_I’d  never turn back the hands of time to anywhere because i believe that,Time passes for a reason.I learnt to live my life each day like it’s the last.Every mistake i make,I will rectify in the future.We live and we learn.Like sands through the hour glass,so are the days of our lives.I believe I’ve lived life to the fullest so far and i look foward to many days ahead of me instead of contemplating on the past and what could have been. 

Question 10 [Queen Leigh]:

 Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

Response 10 [Blaque Rose]:

 5 years from now,With God’s Help and guidance,i see myself as  more than a household name.I see myself having my own TV show,own radio slot,red carpets,lights,camera,releasing better music…and growing my Fashion and cosmetics line.A lot is up my sleeve but for now,I’ll just let time tell.

 Question 11  [Queen Leigh]:

 What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in the industry?Did you overcome it? if so how? 

Response 11 [Blaque Rose]: 

The biggest Challenge i have faced in the industry,is not knowing the right people  to approach.Having my Skills and ideas undermined because of my age and Gender.Having my ideas stolen from me by big sharks because of not having enough resources to see them through and also,being a young female,having older males who think they have power to Sexually get favours from me in exchange of either  proper management or Money because they have done it before with other upcoming naive female artists and models. I have learnt to stick to my values and Gut feeling and just knowing my rights and my worth.Ive also learnt to make my research before going for gigs and other work related issues when it comes to My career.

 Question 12 [Queen Leigh]: 

What is your ultimate direction?Are youseeking fame, fortune or what.

 Response 12  [Blaque Rose]: 

My ultimate goal is to just make good Music that people can relate to.The Money bag will follow.I just want To be able to tell my story.I don’t make music out of greed for money or fame,i do it because of the love i have for music.Yes i want the money,the power and the fame,but I believe they’ll come on their own terms and time.Im planning on studying Business Management to Grow my Events Business and Fashion and Beauty Company so as to not depend on music to make money.

 Question 13  [Queen Leigh]: How can fans/fans to be gain access to your music?How do people get hold of you?Do youhave websites for your songs?Do you have CDs with your songs?

 Response 13  [Blaque Rose]: 

If people want to get in touch with me,They can find me on Social media Platforms ([email protected] Scarlett)([email protected])([email protected])([email protected] RoseMary)([email protected] The Blaque_Rose)([email protected]@gmail.Com)and check me on [email protected]//Spinnup.Com…or Give me a Call for business purposes on 0735916276I haven’t made any official releases yet and i am currently cooking up 3 Fuego?Mixtapes ,but once they are done and released,the public will surely be informed on where to stream my music.

Conclusion  [Queen Leigh]:

 Thank you Blaque Rose for your. Our interview ends now. Go out there  and achieve your goals

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Blaquerose _$carlette
Blaquerose _$carlette
8 months ago

Lol Wow 3 Years Down The line and I’m 21 now…♥️♥️♥️??✌???Thank You guys.

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