Billboard charting talent on new project "ellipsis"

Back on the music scene, releasing some fresh material as a music producer and songwriter, Jeff already worked with many incredible talents, including the likes of Grace Vanderwaal, Royal & the Serpent, JORDY, Will Jay.

No wonder that the guy achieved 50,000,000 streams on Spotify until now his tracks are going viral on Tik Tok, being shared by thousands of creators on the platform.

Now, with the new record, Jeoff wants to go even gigantic, moving into the spotlight, doing songs about his demons and the history of his relationship dysfunction, which you can enjoy in tracks like Beating.

That is it guys, be sure to follow up on our website for more updates and stay tuned.

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V – Inferno (Produced By Saint Cardona)

The Partly Because – At 7p.m.