Beautiful Mignonne Joins Team Royalty "WhinQuin"

The Crew on rise “Team Royalty” is setting its everlasting legacy, with an amazing upbringing of new stars. Prepare to see a whole lot more of this gorgeous model, because Mignonne just landed a pair of Team Royalty WhinQuins Angel wings. Watch this space: Mignonne is the industry’s darling right now. Her fresh face and doe eyes are proving an inspiration for fashion’s powerhouses.She is just 18 but already promising big moves. She started modelling at childhood age and now she is at greater heights. Set to watch her on  upcoming events like Miss Cosmo Politan & Miss Windermere Hotel. With no doubt Team Royalty “WhinQuins” will take her career to the next level.

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Beautiful Mignonne Joins Team Royalty "WhinQuins"

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