Basement Approved artists Nonzus Magnus shares his introspective EP 'Blank Canvas'

Reintroducing Nonzus Magnus 

Following an action packed 2019, Nonzus ended the year with the release of the memorable ‘Fight Club’ followed by his valentine single ‘For Da Gang’ earlier this year. The North Dubliner returns with an Introspective 4 track EP titled ‘Blank Canvas’, experimental yet eclectic project inspired by collection of sounds stemming from Baile Funk to Hip Hop to Alt Rock meshed with modern glitchy production and electronic breakdowns. With the main focus of the project being Nonzus, we hear his distinctive deep voice narrate stories and paint us vivid imagery taking us on a voyage.

Nonzus explained “The EP is me embarking on a new journey. In my health and fitness, my business and education, my friendships and love life. Reflecting and embracing my past but transitioning into a newly refined state, a more “true to self” state and character. From the area I’m from, the issues I’ve battled and come to terms with, the love I’ve lost or found and all the little intricacies in between. This project is me embracing my evolution and stepping forward in a better direction. In my life and my art. The project is to be looked at or taken in as a whole. Somewhat of a reintroduction.”

He added “My most distinctive feature would have to be my voice. For as long as I can remember people have always spoken about how my voice is unique or “could melt butter”. From friends and regular listeners to studio professionals. I guess there’s something about how I speak that resonates with people. I don’t consider myself to have an image. I feel I’m so “Weird” or “Unique” that I’m normal. I really enjoy film and art. Things of that nature that transport you to another place, dimension, universe or mind state so I aim to create that with my art. An outlet, an escape.”

Hailing from Dublin 15, Nonzus Magnus(‘Magnus’ stemming from the Greek meaning ‘Great’ or ‘Mighty’) is an experimental artist ranging from hip hop, R&B, Trap, Afrobeat, Baile funk, tp alternative Rock. Providing a very unique and eclectic sound, combining a multitude of different influences and sounds together, creating a memorable sound of his own with his instantly recognizable voice and his ability to switch it up on demand. 

Growing up listening to the likes of Michael Jackson, Usher, Pharrell Williams, 50 Cent, Eminem, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Drake, PartyNextDoor. Nonzus began his musical journey with piano lessons as a child and later in life picking up the Guitar and learning the art of strings. Eventually transitioning to music production in 2014 to later release his first song “NUKETOWN” Early 2017. Quickly gaining popularity in the underground hip hop scene Nonzus followed up by performing at Longitude Festival, Opening up for Ireland’s Hare Squead at their first London Headline show and later having his first London Show alongside Amni Boys, Cosmo Pyke and DJ Olos. Previously mentioned in illustrious outlets such as District Magazine, Earmilk, Nialler9, The thin Air.

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