BAILALO video oficial Nikkia Queen SEKMET

Hailing from Colombia, Nikkia Queen is an upcoming singer-songwriter and producer, which is back in the music scene now releasing a brand new single called Bailalo.

Nikkia starter her music career very early, experimenting with different music genres, including her favorite style, dance music.

After a decade of living in Spain, she said to be pretty happy, overcoming a lot of challenges over the years.

Nikkia wants to spread positivity and love through her music, the new record Bailalo, which is a Latino track blending the so-called dembow and ramdon.

When you listen to it, you want to dance and seduce your lover, she said, working on many other upcoming projects along with Reggaeton and more unexpected musical fuse.

Check Bailalo here, be sure to follow up on our websites for more updates.

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