Attorneys with Swag – Deduct it

Attorneys with Swag is a group of passionate minority attorneys and educators with one mission: empower the masses with knowledge about the law.

Growing up in New York, AWS saw the injustices and unequal treatment within their communities firsthand.

Not only battling against over-policing, but also excessive government regulation, or just plain misinformation.

The group has personally experienced what happens to their community when people don’t know the law or their rights.

Their debut single Deduct it, is brilliantly teaching young business owners what can be deducted during tax time to keep more money in their pockets.

The song is the first glimpse into the general feel of AWS music which has an old-school hip-hop vibe similar to Public Enemy or Wu-Tang Clan.

In their upcoming album “PRIMIS,” the group tackles the same issues addressed by these infamous rap groups of the past, but with a more modern knowledgeable approach to today’s laws.

In other words, AWS isn’t saying “fuck the police,” but rather, sue them.

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