Andrew Hetherington – Crystal Nights

“Make music because you love it!”

Well, this headline sums up the philosophy of Australian indie musician, songwriter, and music producer Andrew Hetherington.

Andrew creates 80s retro-wave songs and instrumental pop songs with a down-tempo and chill-out flavor featuring smooth synths, mellow guitars, and beautiful female vocals.

In recent times Andrew’s music has caught the eyes and ears of music bloggers, playlist curators and community radio stations who have been pleased to share his music with their audience.

His original songs “Spirits Fly”, “Life Is Strange” and “The Greatest Joy” has been awarded highly commended and semi-finalists placements in the Song Of The Year and UK Songwriting Contests.

Andrew has independently released a handful of singles and most recently a six-track EP of down-tempo instrumentals entitled “Introspection” and a six-track EP of retro-wave songs entitled “In Space”, which both represent his best work to date.

For now, check it out his new music video, follow him on socials and stay tuned for more.

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