6 Of The Hottest Prominent Artists in Zimbabwe

    Ti Gonzi

H. Town rapper/singer  Ti gonzi  is unmistakably a dope rapper whose album “Best Mero” made noise in 2017, building on the buzz off his viral singles “Confahfah” and “Zvenyu” which dropped in the years prior. He’s an idiosyncratic spitter with a voice like no one else, delivering breathless, unrelenting bars in vivid detail .His bubbling viral collab with Queen Astar  made big waves in the streets.The material he pulls from isn’t uncharted territory in modern hip-hop, but he molds street luxury into something completely his own. His hooks, cadences and sound stand alone in a game full of imitators.

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If you’re paying attention to the people who know what’s good in Zimhiphop , you’ve heard the name Faa by now. Things started to pop for Faa with “fake smile,” a track that exploded earlier this year. The H.town emcee has been on the rise for some time, she is definately going to be the next hottest female in hip-hop, she’s going to be that rapper.

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   Beav City

Beav city is not just a hot country singer, but might be one of the hottest country music writers as well.Beav City has enjoyed breakthrough success this year with his excellent single “Status”  and the smooth country-pop production in his early work makes him seem like a strong contender to be a successful Zim crossover artist.

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   Ashta Eez

When Ashta Eez opens her mouth, you never really want her to stop singing. The H.town fancy singer’s warbling, gravelly voice is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before . it can go from timid to punchy and snarling in zero seconds flat. And her single “Missing You” is one of those “never a dull moment” kind of eclectic collections that will establish her as a very promising new voice on the rise.

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Ashta Eez Cover

   Queen Astar

Hararian  singer/rapper Queen Astar first made waves when her single “Cuba” peaked at No 1 on the Beat100 Music Chart last year. Her voice is utterly stunning as raw and soulful as Amy Winehouse and she has an intense, quiet vulnerability in the way she sings.

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Astar Cover

   Cliff Jeans

Cliff Jeans is young brilliant MC based in Bulawayo , who started making waves with his single debut “Wololo” . This year he teamed up with some of the best in the business including Calvin. Cliff Jeans is without a doubt the most promising recent talent to break out of the crowded Zim music industry and his recently released E.P “The Street Menace” is doing well.

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Cliff Jeans E.P Cover

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