6 Of The Hottest Female Artists In Zimbabwe Right Now



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Every once in awhile there’s a song that,from it’s opening notes, you know is going to be something you play on repeat. Ashta Eez “Missing You” is that,three-fold. “Missing You” is the kind of wistful and bubbling ballad of love that only Ashta Eez could create. Her whispering sweet sultry voice is as delicate as a sob and as intimate and familiar as your own bedroom. The beat has an atmospheric quality to it. It sets you into a late night I’m-about-to-smash mood. Plus, the H.town singer’s vocals work well with the tempo of the song.

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Easily H.town breakout star , kikky badass emerged as the meanest, most vicious young female rapper in the city — maybe in the whole country. Her artistry is evolving at a remarkable pace, and no one could’ve expected how unique and masterful Kikky  mode would be. She recently made noise with her defensive dope song “Know Your Place”

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Natasha Muz  is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter who hails from Chi town. The rap star in the making has been behind some of the biggest hits of 2017 and earlier this year. Natasha Muz has no discernible allegiance to any sort of genre. She is a country music singer / Rapper and Rnb Singer. Muz is consecutively pumping out great tunes. She is exactly what Zimhiphop should be aspiring towards. Her Single hit “Handisi Tsaga” is making huge waves.

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Skilz has been treating fans to a plethora of new remixes over the past years. Skilz is about to do some big things in the future. The H.town native has been pumping out a whole lot of music as of lately and collaborating with some other bubbling talent. She’s slowly getting the attention she deserves with each release. Her song “smoke weed” is a fresh breath of air in the world of covers.

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Queen Slinx is one of the more divisive figures in rap this year. Her single track “Hold It” proves that she has a fanbase to score a proper solo hit. “ Hold it” is a pretty accurate encapsulation of Slinx appeal. Her approach is clicking with a younger audience, and there’s no reason for her to turn away from the candy-coated world she created for herself.

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6. FAA

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Released earlier this year, “fake smile” remains one of the biggest songs on indie platforms. The H.town Pop star is guaranteed to reel you with her sweet soulful voice. Her flows are sweet and by the time the chorus hits you inevitably begin bobbing your head and the infectiousness of the H.town emcee’s vocals takes hold.

 Play Faa Fake Smile On Soundcloud

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Natasha Muz – Handisi Tsaga